Gemstone Soaps

Create and design fantastic gems

Create and design fantastic gems

This course is suitable for creative people and beginners in the art of soap making. No previous knowledge is needed to learn my gemstone soap technique. You will discover all the potential of the transparent soap and many ways to work it creatively. I will teach you a transparent soap technique developed by me, which I call technique bychela.

Would you like to start soap making without caustic soda? This is your course, given that we do not use alkalis.  In this course you will learn to colour and perfume the transparent base soap using different methods. You will learn the ways of perfuming in a natural and artificial way, as well as colouring with liquid, solid, matte, and bright dyes. Also, learn the characteristics of the soap in order to get the best out of it, such as dimming or brightening.

You cannot obtain transparent soap? I teach you my technique to elaborate a transparent soap quick, easy, and without caustic soda, so you can create your gemstone soaps in less than two hours.

Do you have trouble finding the materials in your city? I give you options to color and perfume in a homemade way. If you have a supermarket, jumble sale nearby, or you can shop online, it won’t be a problem.

Why choose this course?

e-learning platform

Professional teaching platform with an interactive virutal community 2.0.

5 topics with 7 original techniques!

To which you will have acces forever

Instructional dossier

Each class includes instructions with a explanatory video of the technique

15 tutorial videos

Over 120 minutes of visual class videos

Class 1

Glycerin base soap or melt & pour soap. Types of MP soap. Tools and work equipment. Coloring the MP soap. Perfume the MP soap. Nutrients and additives in glycerin soap. Making our own transparent soap. Glycerin base soap recipes. Comparison of bases with shavings from commercial soaps.

Class 2

Layers or streaks technique. Materials and ingredients. The layers technique. Preparation and cutting of soap. Ideas to create your gems. Shapes of cut stones and gems.

Class 3

Water gems or labradorite technique. Materials and ingredients. The labradorite technique. Making and cutting the soap

Class 4

Turquoise and Rose Quartz Technique. How to make opaque white soap with titanium dioxide. Materials and ingredients. Preparation and cutting of the soap.

Class 5

Scrap technique or recycled stones, marbled soap. Materials and ingredients. Preparation and cutting of the soap.

Class 6

The gems technique "rough sea". How to color and work the glycerin base soap.

our students say…

Hi Marcela,

Just thought i’d share with you some of the Gemstone Soaps I’ve made since enrolling in your fantastic course.

I am loving your videos and find them fascinating.  Yours is one of the best courses i’ve ever done as you show each step clearly and t’s easily understood. I’m up to the turquoise encapsulating lesson – i have the soap poured, waiting for it to cool down so i can cut my stones. (I pour mine in clear plastic cups that i can cut up and the soap comes out easier than in a tube with acetate). 

Thanks again, Kind regards,

Julie Hamilton

Nueva Zelanda

An online course that will make you shine

Each class includes a dossier with the instructions so you can print them, and an explanatory video of the technique. I will teach you how to make amethyst, pink quartz, white quartz, emeralds, aquamarine gemstones, granite rocks, turquoise and fantasy gems with which you can set your creativity to fly.  You can make the soaps learnt through the week and post your pictures to the forum we share in a community of gemstone soap makers. If you do all the exercises at the end of the course I will give you a diploma.

  • 15 videos: more than 120 minutes of visual class.
  • 5 modules with 7 original techniques.
  • PDF instructional dossier
  • Unlimited course access Access to personalized tutoring for 4 months.
  • 20 teaching hours

The course lasts a month, but you can enter the classroom indefinitely, either to read, search for information or watch the videos. You will be able to access to the community or forum for 4 months, so you can ask all your questions about the stone soaps.


If you are a teacher, blogger or have a workshop, there are restrictions on teaching my technique, please read the Terms and Conditions before purchasing the online course. My course is copyrighted and you will not be able to teach my technique in your blog, web, online school, by PDF, forums, communities, without my written consent.

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How does our course work?


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You can read your course from your smarthpone or tablet


You can download the classes in PDF format and start a notebook


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You will receive a certificate that proves your training in our school

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If you have any questions about the registration, you can consult the Help page and Frequently Asked Questions. Before purchasing the course, please read the terms and conditions of use of the School.


For how long will I be able to access the course?
When can I start?

You can enroll in the course whenever you want. The monitoring of the course is personal and you help yourself with a control by checkboxes. In the forum and in the chat you can meet all the students. You study at your own pace, at the hours you want, learn from the most advanced and eventually help newcomers. Your classroom is open 24 hours around the year. The Gemstone soaps forum is cosmopolitan, you learn a lot by sharing with soapmakers from different continents.

Will I get a certificate?

The course includes a follow-up of the student and a final evaluation, which is awarded with a certificate.

Can I enroll now?

OF COURSE! you can sign up right now. Before paying, read our Terms and Conditions. Also, keep in mind that access to the school is not automatic. We create a private account for you and email you a username and password within 48 business hours of your enrollment. Please note the time difference between Spain and your country, and that we do not process registrations on weekends and holidays until the next business day. If you have any doubts, please read the Frequently Asked Questions about the courses and registration method.

Where can I find the materials?

At school you will have access to a “directory” with dozens of store addresses to buy cosmetic supplies. This database includes stores in Spain, Germany, Australia, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Burgaria, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, United States, Ecuador, France, Greece, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Panama, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Switzerland, Uruguay and Venezuela.

What tools do I need to do a course?

You will need an internet connection and your computer with speakers, so you don’t miss any detail from the videos. It is also necessary that you have installed the programs or applications to watch videos, PPS presentations, open PDF’s and use Excel. A webcam and microphone if you are enrolled in a videoconference course.

I want my creativity to shine…